There is one thing you can always count on is on Wu-Tang Clan to put on a show. Hey, we waited a few good years for it… they don’t have to be on time, have a right to be pissed off at technical difficulties - Method Man, get the crowd excited- RZA, rap over each other but all in good fun, in return we got to hear WU cuts. It was a real OG show! As RZA put it “thanks to modern science” we all got to see that “magic trick” the highly publicized hologram of late and most certainly great brother Ol’ Dirty Bastard doing his thing. Shimmy Shimmy Ya!  Everyone will have an opinion on quality of the hologram, whether its a “right” thing to do… but those who were there - experienced something they won’t forget for a while. We did wonder where  Ghostface Killah and Raekwon were… but all good. Thanks Rock The Bells and Guerilla Union it was a real TURN UP, see you in San Fran.  

Photos: Ian Flanigan 

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